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Is It Time for Commercial Carpet Replacement?

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Is It Time for Commercial Carpet Replacement?

Is It Time for Commercial Carpet Replacement? | Hacienda Heights Carpet Cleaning

The rules about industrial carpet washing are different from the residential ones mainly because many people are involved and the condition of carpets would reflect on their health. At the same time, their cleanliness in combination with a fresh environment and good quality work can guarantee strong first impressions and would add credit to the credibility and professionalism of the businessmen.

Common Carpet Mistakes to Avoid

  • Carpet cleanup must be scheduled and take place often and not once or twice a year or when carpets are completely filthy. Rare maintenance and cleaning and lack of tactics will not have good results, will cancel the carpets' value, the stains will never get off and there is a big possibility for water destruction since you didn't have the prudency to prevent it. Daily cleaning is not important solely for the health of employees and customers but it is also the best preventive method to keep carpets in good shape and avoid major problems.
  • Wall to wall carpets are not an investment like handmade rugs but simple a choice for your floor. You need to be prepared to change them often. Carpet preservation and extensive cleaning would help up to a point but beyond that, you would need to replace them.
    a. Remember, soon stain extraction will start costing you more.
    b. The synthetic materials will not look good after a few years.
    c. Companies have too much foot trafficking.
    d. You will always have to keep a high profile and make the best impressions.
  • Don't consider placing Persian carpets in all rooms of your office. It would be like throwing a flower in rodeo. Handmade rugs are destined for low foot traffic areas, where they can be maintained for years with the right treatment and attention.
  • Upholstery cleanup is also important making sure all stains have disappeared from all furniture and all ripped textiles and torn sofas must be replaced, too.

You must buy carpets you can maintain properly; otherwise, you should stick with tile floors since they are durable and beautiful. Though, cleaning is also required and although it is easier, you must focus on grout scrubbing to avoid absorption of too much dust.


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