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  • What happens if the carpet suffers water damage?

    It will darken and it may also shrink. In rare cases, the dye may leak out. It is also possible for mold to grow between the fibers if the carpet remains wet or at least slightly moist for too long. That is why in case of a flooding accident, you must get the water extracted immediately. This is the best way to minimize the risk of serious damage.

  • Can washing lead to carpet browning?

    The most common cause of this problem is prolonged drying. You must have your water-damaged carpet restored straight away. After it has been cleaned, you should ensure that the room has good ventilation. Using fans will also help a great deal. In general, when you plan a carpet cleaning, you should make sure to check that the weather will allow for drying.

  • Are there remedies for carpet fire damage?

    There's not much you can do once the fibers are burned. You can use detergents and white vinegar for odor removal and to clean fibers from the smoke. If fibers aren't burned, you can blow dry them once you clean them well. Make sure there's no damp area left. If they are burned, the only solution will be to replace the damaged section.

  • Can water damage be fixed?

    Yes. Do not worry because water damage can now easily be fixed, depending on the severity of the problem. But it is now common for carpet cleaners to provide this service, as it has become a very common issue among carpet owners. Water damage is not as bad having the carpet stained by food oils or sauces.

  • Where carpet mold is hiding?

    Mildew inspection on carpets is a very important procedure, especially if you had some serious plumbing problems in the past or your rugs are placed close to sinks, pipes or radiators. You should check first the parts closer to the source of water damage and the parts of the carpet which are soaked. It is prudent to inspect the back side of rugs and, of course, you must proceed with mold removal right away.

  • Are carpet piles in danger?

    Piles can be sensitive if they are made by natural materials. Silk rugs are very sensitive and they can be ruined easily. You must be very careful when you are vacuuming and avoid fierce movements. You shouldn't place heavy furniture on top of rugs and brush them well to restore piles even if you keep a small table. Piles can be ruined by the sun, moisture and mold and require good carpet cleaning according to Carpet Cleaning Hacienda Heights.

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