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Are you happy with the floor under your feet?

Today, there are hundreds of different solutions among natural and synthetic materials for flooring solutions and the choice would actually vary in accordance with the price and the space. The industry has progressed enormously aiming at coming up with new ideas and solutions for all people and all commercial and residential areas since external conditions and private requirements would require different floors for different purposes. It is not a coincidence that all hotels have wall to wall carpets on the floor since they provide full sound insulation. That's one basic reason why carpets and oriental rugs are chosen for homes, too. On the other hand, hospitals would need industrial rubber floors or tiles since they are cleaned and sanitized easier.Carpet and Flooring Solutions

Are carpets fine for homes and offices?

Most American homes are covered with carpets. The truth is that they are comfortable, inexpensive, sound and thermal proof, soft to walk onto and great looking. Today, there are hundred styles in terms of thickness or colors and there are also carpets made of synthetic or natural materials. Basically, the only problem would be with water damage. In this case, you would need to treat the area fast because there is a high possibility to find mold if you don't notice the soaked areas. The problem is that carpets are usually glued on the floor and you won't have the chance to check them properly or dry them fast. This is rather the best characteristic of rugs since they can be brought outside in order to dry properly in the open space and this is very important for odor removal, too.

If we consider that commercial establishments are public places due to high visitation by people on a daily basis, it is understood that carpets are not appropriate for most cases. It is not a coincidence that high moisture spaces like bathrooms and kitchens use tile floors. It is an excellent choice since tile cleaning is very easy and the material is relatively strong. Rugs would be nice only for confined, private offices but still they would need good and careful rug cleaningtreatments on a regular basis.

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