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Keeping your carpets healthy also keeps you healthy. Learn how you can remove all kinds of stains without hurting your carpet using this step-by-step procedure.

First Aid for Carpet Stains

The typical home-carpet gets all kinds of stains, especially from drinks and food. When you notice a spill on the floor, you need to react quickly and adequately to get the best results.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning Basics

There are things you need to consider and be clear with, especially when it comes to the suitability of a dry method for your cleaning needs.

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Is It Time for Commercial Carpet Replacement?

The rules about industrial carpet washing are different from the residential ones mainly because many people are involved and the condition of carpets would reflect on their health. At the same time, their cleanliness in combination with a fresh environment

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Carpets Free of Pet Stains and Fleas

In fact, pet urine is a common phenomenon which is usually not taken with absolute seriousness by many homeowners while finding fleas on our cats and dogs is not rare either.

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Carpet and Flooring Solutions

Today, there are hundreds of different solutions among natural and synthetic materials for flooring solutions and the choice would actually vary in accordance with the price and the space. The industry has progressed enormously aiming at coming up

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