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First Aid for Carpet Stains

05/13/2016 Back To Blog

Oh, no, there is a spill on the floor again! Just don’t panic because this usually leads to big mistakes. There is a right away to approach even the worst drink and food stains. Check out the main techniques for damage control you must use immediately after you notice the problem. They are essential for a proper and efficient stain removal procedure.

First Aid for Carpet Stains

Dealing with Wine, Coffee and Other Liquids

The first thing you need to do is to blot the stain. Get a white paper towel from the kitchen. Place two or three sheets over the stain and press very gently. Alternatively, you can try tapping. This will help to absorb most of the liquid and prevent it from going down the pile. This is essential for proper carpet cleaning eventually.

Don’t use colored paper as the dye may leak onto the carpet. Don’t scrub the stain, press hard on it or pour water as any of these methods will just spread the liquid and make things worse. You should refrain from using even eco-friendly products unless you are absolutely certain that they can target the particular type of stain and that they are safe for your type of carpet.

Getting Rid of Solid Stains

If there is food on the floor, you have to use a specific carpet stain removal technique for scooping it. Get a spoon or a table knife with dull edge. Work your way from the outside in to scoop the food. This is crucial for preventing the spreading of the stain. You must not push the fibers down while scooping to avoid making the problem worse. It’s not a good idea to apply room deodorizer on the stain for to remove any odors.

If there is chewing gum on the floor, you should harden it by applying ice cubes. When it’s hard, it will be easier to detach it from the fibers.

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