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Carpets Free of Pet Stains and Fleas

11/11/2013 Back To Blog

Pets are our best friends because we feed, walk, bathe and offer them the best corner at our oriental rugs and sofa cushions. They are basic members of our families but they do not come without problems. In fact, pet urine is a common phenomenon which is usually not taken with absolute seriousness by many homeowners while finding fleas on our cats and dogs is not rare either. They are both equally serious when it comes to our health because we come in contact with the contaminated carpet areas daily and breathe the polluted odors indoors. Serious issues do not need too much thinking but immediate action with effective carpet cleaning solutions.Carpets Free of Pet Stains and Fleas

The effects of contaminated carpets

Fleas will not stay solely on your fluffy cat but they will also fall on the carpet spreading and multiplying their eggs among piles. They will climb on your furniture and become best friends with fabrics and upholstery and this definitely calls for immediate treatment according to all experts at Carpet Cleaning Hacienda Heights. You must definitely vacuum the rugs thoroughly without leaving out seams, cracks and crevices in couches and armchairs.

It is obvious that pet stain & odor removal is not possible with vacuuming. In this case, you will need special detergents because urine will penetrate the fabrics of the sofa and the fibers of carpets and there will be serious consequences to your health. It is common for people to get skin allergies and infections by such contaminated areas and for this reason it would be best to use ecofriendly products for higher protection of your skin. The problem is that odors are not removed easily and pets are usually predisposed to choose the same areas for urination making it even harder to succeed with odor removal.

The secret with pet stains is to take action immediately and, in fact, rugs can be placed outside for extensive rug cleaning and ventilation. In the case of fleas, it would be a good idea to beat the rugs repeatedly in the open space and, of course, treat the animal with the right products.

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